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      Need to rehome your bird ?
We are still taking in birds 
through out the UK

Welcome to BirdMan Parrot Rescue Centre

We are a rescue set up by a group of bird owners. Most of us have worked with various rescues and have many years experience from finches to macaws. 

All the birds that come into our rescue have a home forever.Your loved bird can stay with us in the rescue centre. Or we can find your bird a forever home,in one of our checked homes.  We also have a great avian vet within a ten minutes drive. All birds are micro chipped and vet checked when they come to us.


two macaws

Need to rehome your parrot ?


Why not sign your bird over to Birdman parrot rescue

Do you really know who is buying your beloved pet ?

Is your beautiful parrot being bought to breed from ?

How do you know its not going to be sold on and rehomed many times ?Your bird may get left in the corner  of a room with no interaction !

It will have a home with Birdman Parrot Rescue forever, you will sign

a contract with Birdman Parrot Rescue when you hand your bird to us.

Your bird will have its own passport within our rescue. you can check on your bird by e-mailing

Your bird will always belong to Birdman Parrot Rescue


Please call us on 01253 380768 or 07751952367



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