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 Birdman Parrot Rescue England

If you are holding a summer/Christmas fate or a fund raising day. Or you are a school or care home why not contact us for a visit from birdman rescue. We will bring along Tony, the blue and gold macaw. Who is the star of Cbeebies (SWASHBUCKLE). And a few other birds, and  carry out a educational talk on the rescue parrots.

Why not have a day in Blackpool.And pay us a visit at the rescue centre ???

Why not come and have a experience day.

you can help clean and feed the  parrots in the morning.

After lunch we  will handle the birds and  have a question and answer event.

.Tel; 01253 380768


We are looking for events for 2022.

If you are having a carnival, open day, Fund raiser etc. Please contact us.

To join the next event please contact us: 

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